Thursday, November 28, 2013

Where did you say you are going?!?!?

Granny with one of her many ex-partners
I am 67 years old.  I grew up on a farm in northern Ohio and didn't even leave the state until I was almost 20.  And....


I'm really not sure how I got here.  All I really wanted was a nice, normal life.  A  happy marriage, a couple kids, a career.  But, as they say, life happens.

Did I tell you - I'M GOING TO INDIA!!!  And not just for a couple weeks, or a month.  I'll be there a little over four months.  

I will be living with my dear friends Ravi, Sheela, Shraddha and Shruti in Chennai.  I'll be doing some traveling, and will also spend time studying Yoga and Vedic chanting.  I even hope to do some cycling!

I'd love to share my adventures with you.  So come on along.  The journey is about to begin.

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