Friday, November 29, 2013

Far West Preparing to Head to the Far East

The beautiful Moclips beach
In exactly one month, December 29, I will fly out of Charolotte, NC, bound for India - after a number of layovers and transfers.  Right now I am in this beautiful place - Moclips.  It's on the Olympic peninsula, right on the ocean.  There isn't much going on here.  No restaurants or little shops, no night scene, in fact not even a lot of people.  That's why Erik and I like to come here when I come to visit him in Seattle.

Erik is my only child, a handsome, gentle man, the person I would choose to be 

with were I to be stranded on a desert island.  I am a lucky woman to have this kind of relationship with my son.

Granny's handsome son Erik
In fact, I credit Erik with enabling my love of adventure.  About 7 years ago I was on vacation with him when I read about a seminar with the Dalai Lama that sounded really interesting.  I told him about it, and he said "Go!"  I spent an hour or so telling him all the reasons I couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't.  And he   said "Go!"  

So I went.  And ever since then when an opportunity for adventure comes along - volunteering in Costa Rica, going to a retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh, living off the back of a bike for seven weeks on the Great Divide - I think of Erik, and I say YES!

And so, when the opportunity to live in India for four months came along, I said YES!

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