Sunday, December 1, 2013

East to Seattle

I have begun my journey East and am now in Seattle.

This is a beautiful city, surrounded by wonderful opportunities for enjoying outdoor activities.  Looking westward over Puget Sound, one can enjoy ocean views with the Olympic Mountains in the distance.  

Mount Rainer often reveals herself in the southeast, and looks so close it's hard to believe she is about 100 miles away.  Mount Baker rises up in the northeast, and the Cascades trail off to her south.  And although you can't see them from Seattle, the San Juan islands and Vancouver island are just a ferry ride away.  And the city itself is filled with cultural diversity, museums and entertainment, and the sights, smells and sounds of a city of the world.  No wonder Erik loves it here, in spite of the gray skies.

Judy is another reason Erik loves it here.  And me too.

Judy is an amazing young woman from Uganda, and Erik and I both love her.  There are many stories to tell about the wonderful things Judy has done.  My favorite is about the well.  She went to South Sudan last year to visit her grandmother who raised her.  When she came back to Seattle, she couldn't stop thinking about the people in the village who had to walk miles to get water.  She decided she should save up her money and have a well dug.  SO SHE DID!  Here it is, and the village no longer has to walk far to get water.  What a woman!

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