Friday, December 6, 2013

How I Met Ravi and Sheela

I am currently snowed in in Springfield MO, on my way East of course.  I left my new home state, New Mexico, to head for my old home state, Ohio, on Wednesday morning.  I made it here yesterday, Thursday, afternoon and the last 50 miles were really NASTY!  Today promised to be more of the same, so I decided to stay put.  Captive in a motel room - a good time to blog!

I will be visiting, staying with and studying with Ravi and Sheela in Chennai. I met them when they came to Denison University for the 2008-2009 academic year.  
Sheela and Ravi at my house in May 200
Ravi taught Yoga classes that were free and open to the community.  I had just retired and was open to new activities when I saw the Yoga class on a list posted at my local library.  Looks interesting, I thought.  I ought to check it out.

So I did.  And I became a regular, every Monday through Friday morning at 8 AM in Swasey chapel.  Ravi taught a different kind of Yoga than I'd been used to.  He taught the Yoga Sutras and breathing as well as asanas, and Sheela taught us Vedic chanting.  She has the most beautiful chanting voice!!!  You can hear her at their website -  A whole community of Yogis grew up around Ravi and Sheela.  They are just that kind of people.  As my friend Carol says, they are surrounded by love wherever they go.  

Kaya, Shelly, Shruti and Shraddha
They came with their twin daughters, Shraddha and Shruti, who found many good friends here as well, including my two granddaughters, Shelly and Kaya.  We not only did Yoga together.  We also shared meals, outings, picnics - many good times together. There were lots of tears when it came time for them to go back home, and there were promises to visit.  We have stayed in touch, and finally this spring I sold my house, which freed me up to travel.  About the time my house sold, I found out that Denison was organizing a visit to India, but only for a couple weeks.  I mentioned the trip to a couple friends, Kelley and Dasa, and they were interested in going and staying for a whole month.  Tune in to the next blog to find out how a month turned into four months for me.

By the way, it is 77 degrees in Chennai right now.  Tomorrow morning they are predicting a wind chill factor of around minus 15 degrees in Springfield MO. 

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